Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My God is a Healer!

I want to make sure that I take the time to blog about this past week - although it was the most difficult week thus far as parents - it was the week that we saw the Lord most evident in our lives as new parents!

It all began last Tuesday morning when I woke up and the entire house was spinning as though I was Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz!" I thought maybe it was lack of sleep or sinus trouble - so just began to attempt my daily duties....nursing...feeding..shower etc. Well, about 15 minutes into my day - I realized that I could not function! I was unable to stand up, much less walk straight or take care of Isabella! Due to the extreme vertigo I was experiencing - I was extremely nauseated and became very sick to my stomach. (Mental Picture: I'm in bed, Jer's holding a gift bag for me to throw up in - we had just opened a baby gift the night before.....and Bella is in the hallway in her jumper.) NOT the way a mommy wants to start her day! So, Jer loaded us in the car, we dropped Bella off at a friends house and off we went to the doctor. (Mental Picture: Jer's carrying a trash can through the office just in case I lose it again!) The doctor did several physical tests on me - I later learned it was to rule out any type of stroke or seizure! She diagnosed me with what she thought was a Viral Inner Ear infection. There was nothing to take to make the virus go away - but I could take Meklazine to help with the vertigo.
So, back to bed I went - unable to function at all with fever and chills. Jer had to take off work......just to care for Bella and I!

Since I was on the meds., I was unable to nurse Isabella. So, we began attempting to feed her formula.....of which we quickly discovered she absolutely HATED! As I was trying to feed her Tuesday night before bed, she began shaking with fever!....102! So, we called the pediatrician - he wanted to see her Wed. but was pretty certain it was some sort of viral infection that we both had come down with.

So, Wednesday morning as I lay in bed with fever, chills, vertigo and nausea - Jer took Bella to the doctor. He said she looked like she had a viral infection - to rest, rest, rest! In the mean time - my sweet friends began praying for neighbor brought me a care package while I lay helpless in bed......Christi dropped off diapers for us (you're always out of diapers at the most unopportune times!). I praise the Lord for these dear friends.

Well, my meds were allowing me to function somewhat - but poor Bella was just drinking Pedialyte and eating her baby food......she hated the formula! Then, Wednesday night - Bella's temp. began to spike. We had her rotating between Tylenol and Motrin....and we were bathing her. Her temps were 104......=(

As Jer was caring for her - he thought that just maybe she had a urinary tract infection! One of the most common to overlook in little girls! So, on Thursday we took her back to the doctor. While we were waiting - her temp. spiked again to 104.4! They tested her urine and sent us home still thinking it was a viral infection. As we were driving home, the doctor called and sent us to get blood work. Can I tell you the most awful thing to have to experience with a baby.....bloodwork!!!! =( So, Jer held her - we both prayed over her - and we made it through that horrible experience!

Temps were still up and down as we ended the day and went to sleep. Early Friday morning, I woke up at 6am to a phone call from the doctor on call informing me that they found bacteria in Bella's blood and we needed to admit her to the hospital ASAP! Jer was out running - my world is still spinning (literally!) I try to calmly throw on clothes - make a phone call for a friend to track down Jer.......and called some other close friends to help get us to the hospital.
As we were leaving - Jer pulls in and off we go to the hospital!

The hardest experience of being a mommy - was this hospital visit. The elevator totally threw my inner ear as they are registering Bella and getting her IV in etc - I'm sitting in a chair head down praying for stability. I will never forget the strength I saw in Jeremy as he held our baby girl, loved her, prayed over her and stayed with her though the entire morning.
Due to Bella being sick and unable to nurse - she was too dehydrated to give blood - so we had to just wait for the IV fluids to get in her little body.

I wanted to hold her so badly and just love on her - but when I tried - I was so nervous I would drop her due to the vertigo. With tears running down my face, I had to allow friends and family to care for her. The compassion and love that our friends showed Isabella - I just can't even being to describe in words.

The pediatrician came to see her - expecting to see a very lethargic baby - he found a fevered, sick baby with a smile on her little face! PRAISE Jesus for the sweet smile! =) I remember him looking at me saying, "She is going to be just fine."

They began running tests on her - but also treating her for a urinary tract infection (bladder, kidneys, blood).

Friends began starting prayer chains all over the country for us. Praying for healing for Bella, healing for I could nurse her. Bella LOVES to cuddle and nurse and it was extremely difficult for her physically and emotionally to not have that need met from her mommy.
I can't even begin to tell you how many texts, emails, phone calls of encouragement I received. Friends were bringing us meals........and loving on us. Truly, the body of Christ reached out and helped carry us through those difficult hours on Friday and Saturday. Friday evening - poor little baby cried for 3 hours straight - we all took turns trying to comfort her. Her doctor check her and said she was just exhausted physcally and emotionally. The 3 hour crying ended with Jer holding sweet Bella in the bathroom with running water.....=) Throughout the night when she would wake, Jer would read her books (I'm talking the same books over and over for hours)....because he knew that would bring comfort to her. =) My mom also drove down and stayed with us in the hospital - oh, her help was soooo appreciated! Nothing like having my mamma there to love, comfort and encourage us all!

By Saturday, Bella's little body began responding so well to the meds.....her blood work came back and confirmed that it was a urinary tract infection (bladder, kidneys and blood). The pediatrician said it was a bacteria that transferred in her little body to the wrong place. It was nothing caused from outside her body (which made us feel a little better)!

On Saturday afternoon, we were taken off Mandatory Confinement to the room and we were able to take little Bella on a wagon ride and give her a nice warm bath. =)

I was able to come off of my strong meds and take a lower dose med. so I could nurse her!
Our Jesus was healing my sweet baby girl.....and He was healing me too!

When we entered the hospital on Friday morning, they said we would be there til at least Monday but probably longer. Our pediatrician came in Sunday morning and said, "Well, I have good news! Bella can come home today!!" Praise Jesus! HE is my healer, HE is my provider, HE is sovereign over every circumstance.

I'm so thankful for the way He carried us through even the hardest of days. I know He counted every tear that fell from my face and every tear that streamed down little Bella's cheeks.
I'm so thankful for the friends and family He provided to love on us, serve us and pray us through even the hardest of days!

Thank you Jesus for healing my baby girl and renewing my health so I can be the mother I so desire to be!

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Cassie said...

I'm so glad to know you and Bella are healthy and back home! I know that must have been a heartbreaking experience, and it's wonderful to hear how so many people came to your aid. You all are very loved :)