Saturday, October 9, 2010

6 months!

We went for her 6 month check-up yesterday and here are her stats.....

Weight 14 lbs 11%
Length 26 inches 52%
Head 44 cm 85%

The first words from her doctor...."Well, Miss Isabella - I've seen you've been doing some growing these past 2 months!" Then, he went to measure her head one more time to make sure the measurements were correct! =) Yep! 44 cm! I guess she has a big brain......we're great with that - maybe some college scholarships in the future! =)

It was such a great appointment! He was very pleased to see that she has taken so well to solid foods and has put on some weight! He wants us to continue giving her Zantac for the reflux which he anticipates going away in the next few months. She good had a good little visit with the doctor - showed him some of her new tricks (sitting, laughing, reaching to be picked up....and even showed him a little stranger anxiety!) While he was examining her - she began to stick that lower lip out as she looked around trying to find us. So, he had us stand at her feet to reassure her we were close by! We also decided to go ahead and get the flu/H1N1 shot too (preservative free). I thought this set of shots was going to be terrible since she's much more aware of her surroundings. But, she let out a painful cry and then that was it. We put her in front of the mirror and she began smiling and cackling at herself! =)

Here are some of the fun things she's done this week.....

We've LOVED the nice fall weather! Isabella has enjoyed playing outside with mommy!

She loves her daddy! The minute he walks in from work in the afternoons her little face lights up! =)

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Cassie said...

I love the new pictures, and I'm so glad to hear how well the Dr. visit went with the shots! She's a brave girl :)