Monday, September 13, 2010

Taste and See that the Lord is good!

"Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him." Psalm 34:8

I've always loved this verse.....and it has new meaning to me every day during this new season of life! It's been my prayer that I would continue to hunger after the Word and that I would diligently feed on His Word each and every day. I need it more now than ever before as I use all my strength and energy to invest in little Isabella's sweet life as well as encourage and support Jer in our ministry with our high school students! I definitely can't even begin to attempt to be the wife and mother He has called me to be without the strength that only He gives through His Word!

This verse has been on my heart for many reasons recently.........

The Lord has been so faithful to fill my cup as I seek Him........and I have continued to find Him so very "Good" as I've savored His Word each morning. I have found refuge in and peace......and wisdom that only He gives!
I've been introducing little Isabella to knew foods the past few weeks! As I watched the excitement on her face yesterday while tasting sweet potatoes for the first time - I got to thinking about how that is somewhat similar to how we should be as we look forward to our time with the Lord each day and as we feed off of His Word! =) Bella LOVES to eat.......she looks forward to every bite...and she has definitely found that it is GOOD for her! I pray that as she grows - she will also have a hunger for the Word...a hunger to know Jesus personally and an excitement that is contagious to those around her!

It's quite a task to get pics during feeding it takes both of my hands to feed her as we attempt to get all the food inside the mouth rather than on the face! =) But, I managed to capture a few cute moments!

"Yummy to my tummy!"....says Bella Boo.

"Oh, this is too good to be true!"......starting to get a full tummy!

"Ah, this was truly a fabulous meal!"........."Now time to kick back and relax!"

We tried the sippy cup for the first time.....

She discovered how to drink all the water out of the sippy cup.....(with a little help from mommy!)

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Anonymous said...

sweet reminder, whit! haven't peeked at your blog in awhile-bella's so cute! glad she's enjoying food:) -amanda