Friday, September 17, 2010

Birthday Surprise...

It was Bella's little friend, Charleigh's first birthday on Tuesday! So, we took a stroll down the street to surprise her with a Birthday balloon......and a little cake! =) It seems like yesterday I was holding sweet Charleigh for the first time! I was about 10 weeks pregnant with little Isabella when I first met Charleigh.........God has been so faithful to bless my friend Christi and I with these beautiful little babies! =)
(um....side note - I was SUPER nauseated etc. from pregnancy in this pic - had to even take a break at the nurses station while walking up to see Charleigh - so I think I overcompensated and smiled extra huge in this pic! haha)

Having both walked through miscarriages - we are both truly blessed to have our sweet girls and watch them grow up together! (fun playdate - we decided to let them swim in their diapers!)

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Cassie said...

This made me so happy and reminded me of the wonderful celebration of life the Lord has blessed you both with over the past year! God is so good!