Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adopted G'ma =)

Yesterday, Isabella and I went to visit Mrs. Ruby and Mr. Richard! We have grown to love this sweet couple over the past few years! I first got to know Mrs. Ruby on Sunday mornings because she was the greeter/passed out the bulletins at the door Jer and I went through each Sunday to enter into the Worship Center! They used to live in Panama City and they remember seeing Jer as a high schooler! =)
They prayed for us to have a healthy baby as we were walking through our miscarriages......I remember how excited I was to share the news with them about our pregnancy with Isabella! Mrs. Ruby was so so excited! Well, they have just fallen in love with sweet Bellla and they give her lots of sugar each Sunday! Mrs. Ruby has decided that Bella can be her adopted grandbaby since her grandauger lives far away and Bella doesn't have any grandparents in town! =)
Too sweet!
The Lord is so good to us - blessing us with such sweet friends!

Bella showed Mrs. Ruby her baby doll that she loves!

And we showed them her new of which is sitting alone propped up on hands! =)

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