Sunday, August 29, 2010

There's a first time for everything!

Over the past few weeks, Isabella has experienced many new things.....from swinging to teething.....first time in the church nursery.....discovering that her little toes taste delicious =).....swimming in the warm Florida sunshine.....tasting her first solid food.....rolling lots from back to tummy....and the list goes on!

We had a fun little play date with our bestie Charleigh! Auntie Christi cleaned and scrubbed and scrubbed so the pool would be nice and clean for the girls! Bella loved sitting in her bumbo and enjoyed splashing in the water.....but most of all she enjoyed teething on her bumbo! Cute little Charleigh tried to offer her a teething ring to help assist those first teeth as they tried to come in!

Then, Charleigh decided that Bella was the most fabulous toy ever!!! She wanted Bella to come out of the bumbo and we decided that they would both be happiest with little Bella sitting outside the pool and watching Charliegh splash! =)

I think Bella is wondering to herself...."Mamma, why do I have to sit out here....I want to splash and play in the water - I don't mind water in my eyes and ears!" =)

The pediatrican gave us the green light to introduce cereal to Isabella! Much to our surprise.....she LOVED it! I just give her 1-2 tablespoons at a sitting and she just loves, loves, loves it!

"Mamma, where has this good stuff been? Why have you been keeping this from me my whole life!?" =) says Bella!

"Yum, yum....these toes are good! Great for teething, great for a little snack.....mmm...mmm...mmm!" says Bella =)

Isabella had her first expereince in the church nursery last Sunday! I gave her kisses and headed up to the 12th grade Sunday school class where I'm starting to help teach again. I think we barely made it 10 minutes and the little buzzer went off! Of course, I raced across the church to check on little Bella! She was just a crying for her mamma! I gave her kisses and of course she settled right down.......and we tried another 30 minutes! Then, I fed her in between Sunday school and church and she did just great during the service!
Well, we tried again today.......of course it's a little transition for mommy and baby! I gave her kisses and left her today........and we made it 1 whole hour til the buzzer went off! If there was a prize given for the fastest mommy who can gracefully walk from one end of the church to the other with a smile on her face but her heart just a racing.....I'm pretty confident I would win! Sweet baby was wanting her mommy I fed her, gave her sugar and left her again during the service. She did just perfect for another hour......then the buzzer went off.....right during the closing of the sermon. So......very gracefully....I slipt out (oh, I was sitting in the middle of the church!) =) Poor baby was just a sniffling and snorting for her mamma. As soon as I held her.....she burried her nose into my chest, grabbed my hair with her fists, sniffed a few times and fell right to sleep.
I told Jer was as if she was saying, "Oh, mamma, I've tried so hard all day to hold back my tears, meet new friends and be a good girl - but I just miss you and wanted you to hold me! I made it for 2 hours today.....can't we just go home now!" Sweet baby girl!
So, transition it will be....with a little patience and perseverance - little Bella will adjust to the nursery and I'm sure she'll have new friends in no time at all!

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