Thursday, August 12, 2010

Like Father...Like Daughter...

I just love this picture....and had to post it! She is loving tummy time with her mommy and especially her daddy! She loves when we get on our tummies and talk to her. She will usually last for a few minutes and then flips right over! Isabella definitely has been blessed with lots of character traits like her daddy......and she has his good looks too! =)
So far I can tell that she has a pretty easy going personality like her daddy......likes to be busy doing things like her daddy.....loves people like her daddy.....loves being outdoors like her daddy......and of course she looks like him too! She has her daddy's eyes, her daddy's long fingers, her daddy's long toes, her daddy's long lean body.......and the list goes on! Of course, there's some of mommy too....and that's what makes little Isabella extra special....a perfect blend of us both! =)

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