Saturday, August 7, 2010

4 months...

Grandaddy took these adorable 4 month pics of little Isabella while we were visiting this week!

It seems like Bella Boo has changed so much just in the past few weeks! Everyday she seems to just come out of her little shell more and more! Her sweet, sensitive personality is more and more evident with each passing day! She is just a tender little aware of her surroundings....doesn't miss a thing!
She is pulling at toys and putting everything in her mouth! I was at the dentist a few weeks ago and she told me that Isabella is most likely working on her first tooth! I can't even believe it! But, it sure makes sense......lots of drooling, lots of chewing, little bit of fussiness.......guess that all leads to a tooth!
She seems to be sucking her little fingers all day long......looks like it won't be long before she discovers how to put her toes in her mouth! She definitely has found her feet.....and opens her mouth to try and get them in there - but hasn't quite been successful just yet!
She's able to roll from her tummy to back......and I found her in her bed one morning on her tummy...which means she rolled from her back to tummy somehow in the night!? She's not to fond of tummy time....usually shows me she can lift her head for a few minutes then rolls over and wants to stay playing on her back!
We are having so much fun together....lots of laughs, lots of squeals of delight, lots and lots of baby talking! The other night I put her down to sleep and she fell right to sleep - but about 30 minutes later woke up talking! She was just a carrying on for about 20 minutes....then all of a sudden she was silent! I went to check on her and she was sound asleep.....guess she hadn't gotten out all of her words that day! =)

As of this week.....
Weight - 11lb. 14oz
Height 24 1/4 inches
Head 16 inches

These are just me and She-She's measurements - so they aren't approximate!

We are still on a 3 hour feeding schedule.....cluster feeding in the evenings.......and usually goes 6-7 hours the first stretch at night....with one wake usually to feed! She's not a long least not yet! =) She usually takes 3 naps for about an hour each - sometimes one of the naps will last 2 hours.....sometimes! baby....makes active mamma! She's loving her swing, activity center, activity mat, jogs with mamma, playing with daddy........and anything else that involves fun and movement!

We will go to her 4 month check-up in a couple we will have more stats. then on her growth! Maybe she will be over 12 lbs. by then.....cute little thing!

Well, she's rotated through all her little "baby centers"....swing, play mat and play now it's time for mommy time! I try to let her rotate for independent time each day.......guess it's the teacher in me!

So....I'm off to play with my sweet girl!

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