Friday, August 20, 2010

4 1/2 month check-up...

We just returned from little Bella's 4 month check-up! She was just a little angel....she layed on that doctor's table laughing and giggling while she sucked on her toes the whole time! He kept saying, "She is such a little doll baby!" Hehe....

Her stats from today are...

Weight 11lb. 9oz - 10%
Height 25.25 inches - 75%
Head 16.5 inches - 75%

He said she is doing just great! She was laughing, smiling rolling, grabbing things and talking during the appointment! Of course, I asked him about her being so tiny and petite....the doctor chuckled a bit as he looked at us and said, "Well, look at ya'll - she's taking after her parents and that's exactly what she's supposed to do! She has her whole life to put on weight!" I just love our doctor!
He did give us the green light on starting cereal if we we may try a tablespoon of rice cereal here in the next few weeks. He said it's no stress, no pressure - she is getting all the nutrients she needs from nursing - but if we want to go ahead and try cereal we can! So, we are hoping to try it out soon! =) I have a good feeling she will take to it quickly - but we shall see!
We shared with him her little daily routine and he said to continue what we're doing - everything sounds great!
We are working hard to get her to fall asleep more and more on her own! Right now we have to settle her down and rock her just a bit.....then we lay her in the crib when she's drowsy and she'll usually drift right off to sleep. But, our goal is to be able to lay her down more wide-eyed and see if she can eventually learn to fall sleep more on her own! I'm sure it will take some time, patience and practice! She's been doing so well in her crib - we transitioned her to her crib for naps a few weeks ago and last week she started sleeping in her crib at night. Of course, most the night I lay in my bed and stare at her video monitor! I guess that's part of being a mamma! =)
She's such a continual blessing and brings us so much joy each and every day! I'm truly blessed to be able to stay home with her and enjoy watching her grow and develop every step of the way!
I pray that I don't ever take one day for granted......healthy life is so precious and I am truly grateful!

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