Monday, July 12, 2010

3 months

I can't believe my little angel is already 3 months! We are having a blast together......such a fun age! Let's see, let me try my best to update on her new developments.....

She continues to absolutely LOVE bath time! It doesn't matter what tub she's in or where she is.....she just talks to us and enjoys relaxing in her nice warm bath water. The only thing she continues to when she has to get out! I've tried everything.....warming her towel in the dryer, fetching her cozy robe, making the water more lukewarm so it's not so cold when she gets out.....but nothing helps! I think she just loves bath time and doesn't want to get out! =)
This is a pic from my Pappa and Mimi's tub......Napoleon wanted to be a part of the action too! Mimi bathed her while Pappa sang to her! She loved every minute!

She is definitely more self-entertained these days! She loves to gaze at herself in mirrors. I think she thinks she has a new friend.....but little does she know that it's just herself in the mirror! She loves her play mat - she has started pulling at all the rings and objects that hang down. She will talk to herself and play for almost an hour! Unbelievable!??

The other day, I was in the kitchen and looked over to find her foot hung in the ring! She wasn't even crying....just talking and continuing to play! Guess she has some strong legs....
She was saying, "Mamma, I'm stuck - will you please come help me!?"

Another angle.......
She watches everything these days! While we were at camp, she was so intrigued by the bright lights and entertainment on the stage! Everyone comments on how alert she is......nothing gets by her! She watches everyone and everything. =)

She continues to love reading time! She loves to look at all the pictures as we read to her.
She started pulling her pacifier out and sucking on her hands....yes, I say hands because she doesn't just stick one or two fingers in her mouth - she tries to get her whole fist in there!
She's also started sweet! I love to hear her gentle little voice. We will repeat her sounds and she repeats them back to us! It's such a fun little game.......Pappa says she has good pitch! Maybe we have a little singer!? I know one thing - we have a very verbal little girl....that's a definite!
We love to watch her legs and arms move.....she kicks like crazy and pulls her legs up to her chest! She'll move her arms all around, pull things and has even started grasping her own hands!
I'm not sure how she does it.....but she has managed to flip from her back to her tummy while swaddled at night!?? Crazy girl!
I took her in for a weight check right around 3 months.....just because she is still so tiny and petite! They weighed her and said she was just fine.....just a petite little one! Just hearing them say that made me feel so much better! =) The lactatation ladies said that if I wanted, I could try feeding her every 2 hours to see if she gained more weight. We tried that for a week and I made an executive decision to go back to our 3 hour feedings! =) She was just not hungry every 2 hours and I was having to wake her up from her naps to eat....which she did not like at all! So we are back to our 3 hour flexible eating schedule......and cluster feedings in the evenings! She sleeps for about 6-7 hours and then wakes to eat once or twice before starting the day around 7!
At 14 weeks, she weighed in at 10lb. 12 oz! Grow little Bella grow! =)

I love this sweet girl! I thank the Lord each day for her life.....I don't take one day for granted. Motherhood is so very special......and being little Isabella's mommy brings me such joy each and every day!

We are planning on putting her in the church nursery in August sometime.....but she does so well in church...we just haven't had a need yet! She fell asleep on me during the sermon yesterday......and was wide-eyed when we got home! =)


Cassie said...

She is such a cutie! I am so glad and full of praise for this amazing gift :)
Love the pictures, keep them coming!!

Anonymous said...

another angle would be perfect if she had nothing on, her little bald puffy in full view

Anonymous said...

I love pics of baby puffy