Friday, June 4, 2010

2 months

Isabella continues to grow and change so much each day! I just keep the camera close by so I can try and capture as many precious moments as possible! Here's a little update on her latest...

6 weeks -
-started kicking legs hard and she's ready to run and bike :)
-started turning her head to watch TV! I'm pretty sure its the lights that attract her....
-loves to lay on our chests to practice her turtle heads! I make her do tummy time on the floor too - but she loves to be on us and look at our faces
-interacts with her floor mirror - loves to stare at herself while doing tummy time
-smiles lots especially in the mornings!

7 weeks -
-laughed out loud.....I picked her up out of bed one morning and she greeted me with a big smile and a little squeal of delight =)

8 weeks -
-full of smiles especially when we make funny noises and faces to her
-grabs her hands and legs while laying on her back
-kicks...kicks and kicks those little legs
-has the cutest little expressions - seems like she's communicating with us when we talk to her and we love it!
-she grunts LOTS and has for several weeks - the nurses called her "the little grunter"
-makes little vowel noises.......I'm thinking we have a very verbal little girl!
-we officially left her for the first time and went on a breakfast date (Aunt Linz and Uncle John babysat for one hour!) and I definitely thought about her the entire hour =)

2 Month Check-up.....

Height - 22 inches 38%
Weight 9lb. 12 oz 26%
Head 50%

The doctor said she looks just beautiful and is doing very well! She showed him her big turtle head when he layed her on her tummy and "talked" to him lots! Of course she showed him how strong her lungs were with some loud cries.....I mean who does like to be without clothes in a cold room full of bright lights!?? We talked about how she isn't huge and hasn't gained tons of weight......He said as long as she's eating well, sleeping, pooing, peeing well and engaged in life with us as she hits her milestones - that she is just fine! Sometimes babies hit a big growth spurt and gain lots.....and sometimes they are just gonna be petite! =) So....all is well with baby Isabella and we are so blessed to have a healthy, happy, sweet baby girl!

**She LOVES to Skype/ichat with her grandparents and aunts and uncles!!! She's talking to Pappa here. =)

Sometimes when she's worked so hard during tummy time....she just needs to rest and relax!

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