Friday, June 4, 2010

Adventures with Daddy =)

Isabella has had fun with her daddy!! He loves to take her on little I decided to make a list of their favorite adventures together so far....

-The other day he let her take a bath in the "big girl" bath tub..... She LOVED it! Her daddy made the water nice and you can tell she was relaxed. :)

-Every day when he gets home from work - he comes in and sweeps her away into the yard! I'm not sure all they talk about - but he shows her all the flowers, trees, and I'm sure he talks to her about how to water the grass and how to make the grass grow without weeds! =) They look at the birds and butterflies......and I sure hope he hasn't offered her any of the blackberries growing in our yard!

-Isabella absolutely LOVES being outside.....especially relaxing w/her daddy on the front porch...

-He is definitely the best swaddler EVER! Every night he swaddles her up and helps get her to sleep!

-On Monday night I woke up with a fever of 102! So, Jer worked from home on Tuesday so he could take care of Bella and I could rest..........she loved watchin' her daddy work....

-This morning little Bella woke up early - so daddy rocked her for a while then asked me if he could take her for an early morning run with he and his running friends.........of course I said "Yes!" And off they went.........he even put her little pink Nike onesie on her. :) And I slept another 1 1/2 hours!!

***I've definitely walked into the nursery and found them in this position quite often.....those little adventures sure wear them out!

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