Sunday, June 27, 2010

12 weeks

She loves her daddy! This pic was taken after a super looong day of searching for new bedding for us! I promise you we went to every home store in the city of Pensacola! :) Bella boo was just the most perfect angel as she tagged along and she was full of smiles when we finally made it home! Awesome deal on bedding + Baby full of smiles = Successful Day of Shopping :)

This week she has become more and more self entertained! She will stare at herself in a mirror forever! We layed her on her back on her play mat and she was full of smiles and squeals! Is a squeal a laugh???? If not...I'm sure a giggle is coming soon! She weighs in at 10lb 4 oz! She slept for 9 hours the other night.....scared me to death.......I made a call to the nurse to check on her weight/sleeping. They said she is doing awesome.....some babies are fat and happy and some are little and happy! =) Just hearing that made me feel so good! She still loves, loves, loves to eat! I'm so thankful for a good little eater and sleeper! Well....night sleeper....she seems to be just fine taking 3 45min-1hr. naps a day!

Today was our first perfect day at church......which I don't take for granted! She sat so nice and content on my lap during Sunday school......ate.....charmed some friends with her smiles.....then fell asleep on me during church! We won't tell the pastor she slept through his sermon! :) We were matching today in our lavender......I just love this sweet girl!

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