Sunday, June 27, 2010

12 weeks

She loves her daddy! This pic was taken after a super looong day of searching for new bedding for us! I promise you we went to every home store in the city of Pensacola! :) Bella boo was just the most perfect angel as she tagged along and she was full of smiles when we finally made it home! Awesome deal on bedding + Baby full of smiles = Successful Day of Shopping :)

This week she has become more and more self entertained! She will stare at herself in a mirror forever! We layed her on her back on her play mat and she was full of smiles and squeals! Is a squeal a laugh???? If not...I'm sure a giggle is coming soon! She weighs in at 10lb 4 oz! She slept for 9 hours the other night.....scared me to death.......I made a call to the nurse to check on her weight/sleeping. They said she is doing awesome.....some babies are fat and happy and some are little and happy! =) Just hearing that made me feel so good! She still loves, loves, loves to eat! I'm so thankful for a good little eater and sleeper! Well....night sleeper....she seems to be just fine taking 3 45min-1hr. naps a day!

Today was our first perfect day at church......which I don't take for granted! She sat so nice and content on my lap during Sunday school......ate.....charmed some friends with her smiles.....then fell asleep on me during church! We won't tell the pastor she slept through his sermon! :) We were matching today in our lavender......I just love this sweet girl!

First pool party...

We went over to a friend's house for a fun little swim party! One of my friends I used to teach with invited a few of the staff wives over (the ones with little girls)! It was a girls only swim party! Isabella fit right in........even though she slept in the shade most of the afternoon!
When she woke up, I dipped her feet in the you can see, she still has sleepy eyes!

Check out her little chicken legs.........I doubt she will ever have "thunder thighs"....but we shall see! :)

When we got home, I gave her a nice warm bath.......wrapped her up in her cozy robe, and tucked her in her swing so she could relax....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Never to early to attend Vacation Bible School! She's my little helper this week! =)

Reading with Daddy

Bella Boo loves to read with her daddy.....we started reading her Prayers out of her little Bible book every night! =) Her daddy swaddles her super tight and then we read together.....somehow that left foot always finds a way out of the tight swaddle! Cute little thing.......she sure loves her daddy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day...

It was Western Day at church to kick-off of course we all dressed up! Even Bella Boo had a little Western outfit! =)

Lovin' on my sweet cowgirl...cutest cowgirl ever =)

Smilin' with daddy on Father's Day...

We thought this outfit was best for a play day with daddy....."Daddy's Little Girl"

Full of smiles for Daddy......

Above: We made this card for Jer......and gave him an LCD key chain with 40 pictures of Isabella! Since he has to work hard all day......we thought he'd enjoy taking pictures with him wherever he goes!

Below: And we made cards for Pappa and Grandaddy too!

Church Girl =)

All dressed and ready for her "Sunday Best!"

Friday, June 4, 2010

Just need some Sweet Tea!

So, I was cooking dinner and Jer asked me to come outside.......this is what I saw! She's a true southerner - enjoying a nice, warm, summer evening on the porch......all she needs is a glass of sweet tea! I'm surprised her daddy didn't offer her one :)

2 months

Isabella continues to grow and change so much each day! I just keep the camera close by so I can try and capture as many precious moments as possible! Here's a little update on her latest...

6 weeks -
-started kicking legs hard and she's ready to run and bike :)
-started turning her head to watch TV! I'm pretty sure its the lights that attract her....
-loves to lay on our chests to practice her turtle heads! I make her do tummy time on the floor too - but she loves to be on us and look at our faces
-interacts with her floor mirror - loves to stare at herself while doing tummy time
-smiles lots especially in the mornings!

7 weeks -
-laughed out loud.....I picked her up out of bed one morning and she greeted me with a big smile and a little squeal of delight =)

8 weeks -
-full of smiles especially when we make funny noises and faces to her
-grabs her hands and legs while laying on her back
-kicks...kicks and kicks those little legs
-has the cutest little expressions - seems like she's communicating with us when we talk to her and we love it!
-she grunts LOTS and has for several weeks - the nurses called her "the little grunter"
-makes little vowel noises.......I'm thinking we have a very verbal little girl!
-we officially left her for the first time and went on a breakfast date (Aunt Linz and Uncle John babysat for one hour!) and I definitely thought about her the entire hour =)

2 Month Check-up.....

Height - 22 inches 38%
Weight 9lb. 12 oz 26%
Head 50%

The doctor said she looks just beautiful and is doing very well! She showed him her big turtle head when he layed her on her tummy and "talked" to him lots! Of course she showed him how strong her lungs were with some loud cries.....I mean who does like to be without clothes in a cold room full of bright lights!?? We talked about how she isn't huge and hasn't gained tons of weight......He said as long as she's eating well, sleeping, pooing, peeing well and engaged in life with us as she hits her milestones - that she is just fine! Sometimes babies hit a big growth spurt and gain lots.....and sometimes they are just gonna be petite! =) So....all is well with baby Isabella and we are so blessed to have a healthy, happy, sweet baby girl!

**She LOVES to Skype/ichat with her grandparents and aunts and uncles!!! She's talking to Pappa here. =)

Sometimes when she's worked so hard during tummy time....she just needs to rest and relax!


Mimi came to visit us while Jer was in New Orleans for a week taking a seminary class! She helped us cook, clean, fold laundry and of corse we squeezed in LOTS of play time!

Aunt Linz and Uncle John spent Memorial weekend with us! We had so much fun.......

We definitely went for a family run......pushing Isabella in the jogging stroller!

Uncle Jordo and Aunt Ellen came to visit us too!!! Let's just say little Bella boo gets plenty of sugar these days!

Isabella is sitting next to her Aunt Ellen and cousin Maddie!.......due in Aug - Isabella is anxious to meet her first cousin!

Adventures with Daddy =)

Isabella has had fun with her daddy!! He loves to take her on little I decided to make a list of their favorite adventures together so far....

-The other day he let her take a bath in the "big girl" bath tub..... She LOVED it! Her daddy made the water nice and you can tell she was relaxed. :)

-Every day when he gets home from work - he comes in and sweeps her away into the yard! I'm not sure all they talk about - but he shows her all the flowers, trees, and I'm sure he talks to her about how to water the grass and how to make the grass grow without weeds! =) They look at the birds and butterflies......and I sure hope he hasn't offered her any of the blackberries growing in our yard!

-Isabella absolutely LOVES being outside.....especially relaxing w/her daddy on the front porch...

-He is definitely the best swaddler EVER! Every night he swaddles her up and helps get her to sleep!

-On Monday night I woke up with a fever of 102! So, Jer worked from home on Tuesday so he could take care of Bella and I could rest..........she loved watchin' her daddy work....

-This morning little Bella woke up early - so daddy rocked her for a while then asked me if he could take her for an early morning run with he and his running friends.........of course I said "Yes!" And off they went.........he even put her little pink Nike onesie on her. :) And I slept another 1 1/2 hours!!

***I've definitely walked into the nursery and found them in this position quite often.....those little adventures sure wear them out!