Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Little Beach Bum and a Runner!

We picked up her bestie Charleigh and headed to the beach! Charleigh loaned Isabella her pink tent so that Bella could have some shade! We put a fan in there with her and she was in heaven just relaxing while Charleigh rolled in the sand! =)

I think Charleigh was telling Bella to wake up and smile for the picture! =)

We've also enjoyed taking our first few runs together this week! She cried the first trip out.....but now she seems to fall asleep every time I take her for a run! We snuggle her in tight with lots of cushion and then we are off.......

She was all ready to go....Nike hat, onesie and socks!

Off we go.......we sure enjoy this beautiful Florida sunshine! She usually falls right to sleep.....and then I push her stroller into the house and let her finish her nap! =)

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