Monday, May 17, 2010

Bumbo Time...

This morning I decided to try the Bumbo! Isabella has been doing so good holding her little head up so I thought she just may be able to enjoy the Bumbo! I sat her in it with a little blanket in her lap....cause she still has little skinny legs. =)

She started making smiles to me.......I caught half of her smile! It's so hard to catch her big smiles on camera - but we will soon I'm sure!

Look at those big eyes! =)
We're enjoying trying new things together now that her tummy isn't bothering her as much. It seems like each day that passes her tummy feels a little better. Hey....I'll give up dairy forever to have a happy little baby! =)
I think she's definitely going through a growth spurt cause she wants to eat ALL the time now! She's doing good to make it over 2 hours! Must be her big 6 week growth spurt I've heard about. We've been weighing her this past week and she's gained an oz a day! Grow Bella Boo grow!

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