Saturday, May 15, 2010

1 month

After our wonderful Mother's Day weekend, Isabella seemed to continue to be getting much better since I had stopped eating dairy! Praise the Lord! But, her diapers were still pretty bad and I could tell she was still in some discomfort parts of the day. The doctor wanted me to give him an update this I gave him a call. He said that it sounded like things were improving, but he wanted to do a quick weight check. We went in on Wed. morning and she weighed 9lb. 1oz! So, she was slowly gaining weight! Each day I've been able to see improvements! From what I've read it make take a couple weeks to see the full effect of cutting out dairy. She may not truly have complete relief for a few more months - her little digestive system needs some time to mature! So many changes in this big world! =)

Well, on May 11 - we decided to have our first official tummy time together. She had been so uncomfortable the past few weeks that we hadn't had much of an opportunity for "fun" time! I put her down on her little tummy mat and watched her practice her "turtle heads." Sooo cute! Then, all of a sudden she started rolling back and forth......and FLIP! She rolled from her tummy to her back! This is the picture I got right after....I think she surprised herself with her advanced skills! =)

Then, we had some friends over on May 12. I was holding her on my lap and they were standing behind the couch and Isabella was completely fascinated by them! I noticed for the first time that she was following their movements with her eyes. She watched them so closely wherever they walked! She is definitely opening her eyes lots these days and is becoming more and more alert to the world around her!

She's learning to take little naps on her own! Sometimes, she likes to sleep in her car seat all swaddled up nice and cozy. But, most of the time she sleeps in the portable crib next to our bed. We are hoping to slowly transition her to her crib over the next couple of weeks! We need to set up our video monitor - that way I can sleep soundly! =)

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