Saturday, May 15, 2010

4 1/2 weeks...and a possible milk allergy

Around 3 weeks or so, we started noticing that Isabella was a bit uncomfortable after feedings. She would bring her little legs up to her chest and start to cry.....I thought it was gas! So, I'd burp her more frequently and try to do little bicycle legs to help ease her tummy. It seemed to help a bit for a few days - but her discomfort seemed to be getting worse each day. I began to research and discovered that she had symptoms of reflux.....she was crying after feedings, spitting up a bit and just seemed very uncomfortable for most of the day. She was still sleeping great at night...which puzzled me - but during the day her little tummy seemed to be upset. We tried Myelcon as well as other remedies that are supposed to help with reflux. We sat her upright after feedings, propped her up at night at an incline, made sure her diapers weren't too tight on her tummy....etc. Well, from week 3 to week 4....she cried for a whole week it seemed! The only times she wasn't crying was during feedings. Oh, it just broke my heart to see her in such discomfort! Her little poo diapers were horrible.....Let's just say I sang lots of "Jesus Loves Me"...."He's got the whole world in His hands".....which I inputed "He's got little Isabella in His hands"...and we rocked and rocked! After a week of this, I made an appointment to see the doctor.
We went in around 4 1/2 weeks.......of course she was a perfect little angel for the doctor. Cooing...and looking at all the bright lights! She weighed 8lb. 14oz! After examining her, he requested for me to stop eating all dairy to see if that would help her. Her poo's had mucus in them which indicated to him that her little colon was inflamed and irritated. He thought she probably had a milk allergy which means her little digestive system is not mature enough to digest the cow's protein and her immune system was reacting to it. Of course, I will sacrifice anything for this sweet baby off of dairy I went! He thought she may have a slight reflux issue - but nothing to be too concerned about at this point. So, no dairy......and using some of the tips to help with a little reflux!

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