Monday, April 19, 2010

First 2 weeks...

Just thought I would add a few of my favorite pics from Isabella's first 2 weeks at home!
Here is Mimi helping Isabella get some natural sunlight to help w/her little bit of jaundice. She had to get her little foot pricked two days because her levels were a little high. But.....after eating lots and getting some good sunlight....those numbers went down! We went for her first check-up when she was 5 days old. She went from 6lbs. 14 oz. in the hospital to 6lb. 7 oz when we left. But, three days later she was already 7 lbs! She sure loves to eat....a definite answer to mommy's prayers!

She loves to be swaddled up tight for her naps...

This is her first little sponge bath! She loved the warm relaxed. =)

I think this was her first smile! She sure is a cutie pie!

I ran my first errand without her...we left her with Jer and her Pappa. This is what we came home to...lots of TLC!

She loves sleeping on her daddy's chest! She's started lifting up her head and strengthening those neck muscles. We call her "turtle head" because she looks like a little turtle when she holds her head up!

She loves her little lamb vibrating chair...even though it's way big for her!

Mimi and Pappa stayed for a whole week! She loves them so much and can't wait to seem them very soon...

She never misses a chance to get some far she's a good little sleeper! At 1 1/2 weeks old - she slept for 5 hours straight at night!

More napping...she's in her crib that her daddy slept in as a baby too!


Anonymous said...

get those little chubby legs open let me see your lovely bald puffy twat

Anonymous said...

I agree I love baby c--t