Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week 36 & 37

Last Thursday, we saw my high risk doctor.  Everything looked just blood pressure was still a bit elevated.  But, my doctor is not too concerned - he thinks it may just be due to nerves. =)  They always take my blood pressure at the beginning of my appointment ant it's high.  Then, they monitor the baby while I rest and check it again and it always goes down a bit.  So, my doctor thinks that I may have slightly elevated blood pressure but because I have no other symptoms of preeclampsia they are not super concerned.  
On the ultrasound, we were able to see Isabella practicing breathing - she would move her little diaphragm in and out - so precious!  She was practicing swallowing...puckering her little lips and moving her tongue in and out!  Then, they put this weird thing on my tummy and it made a noise - we couldn't really hear anything but supposedly it's really loud to the baby.  Isabella jolted!!!  The tech said, "Well, we know she can hear and has good reflexes!"  I could have told them that because every time we are at church - especially on Wed. nights at youth when the band is playing - she is just a wiggling all over during the worship time! =)
Whenever Jeremy puts his mouth to my tummy and talks to her - she just starts moving all around!  So sweet to think about how she can hear us and responds!

We went to see my reg. OBGYN yesterday and she was very pleased with my health and Isabella's health also.  The past few weeks I've developed a weird "itchy" thing at night!  So high risk doctor went ahead and did some blood work because he thought it may be related to my gallbladder/liver.  The itching is only really bad at legs, tummy, back, chest!  My doctor told me they think I probably have a mild case of the condition - but not too severe.  So, unless it gets worse I really don't have to take any meds.  I figure I can make it 2 more weeks - and then they say it will clear up immediately after delivery.  My blood pressure was high at the beginning of the appointment - but of course went down once I rested and they monitored the baby.  I think it was 138/78 - which is a little high but not super high.  Praise the Lord!  My cervix has softened and I'm slightly dilated.....which is very normal for this stage of pregnancy!  My doctor does want to go ahead and induce me April 1st evening - and she expects I'll deliver on April 2nd.  (Good Friday!)  They want to induce me due to my blood pressure being slightly elevated.....and also just as precaution.  They figure if the baby is healthy at 39 weeks along with me being very healthy - there's no need to go an extra few days.  That's when preeclampsia can show well as my placenta will start to not be quite has healthy.  So, due to me stopping the baby Aspirin and everything else with my history - they set my induction date for April 1st at 5:00 pm!  
So, unless precious Isabella decides to come earlier - we will meet her in about 2 weeks!

All that to say.......our bags are packed, car seat installed, clothes are washed, nursery finished.......and we are just making the most of these last days as a family of 2!  I've definitely been having new little twinges here and there in my lower back......and my pelvic bone are sore.....guess that means she's dropping lower!  As my doctor said, "It could be any day now - she's on the launching pad!"

So, we are praying that the Lord will bring Isabella to us in His perfect timing!  We'd love for my body to go into labor on it's own naturally - but we are also trusting the doctors the Lord's placed us with and will go ahead with the induction if necessary!  It amazes me to think that in a little over 2 weeks we will be a family of three......... I can't even hardly think about it without tearing up.  It's been such a long journey....and really the journey will just be beginning once we hold her in our arms.  For now....we'll just take it one day at a time...praying lots every day for the strength to endure labor, wisdom for the doctors, peace throughout the process and faith that the Lord will hold us all in His hands!

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