Wednesday, March 24, 2010

38 weeks...

38 weeks.......pretty much my full grown baby bump!!!

Wow!  I can't believe I am 38 weeks pregnant today with little Isabella!  I've had so many friends say, "Man...your pregnancy has just flown by" or one lady at church this past Sunday said, "Lookin' good - so you  have about 6 weeks left?!".......Let me just say that this pregnancy hasn't exactly "flown" by - but it has been quite an adventurous journey and every day has been such a blessing to grow Isabella! =)
This past weekend, Jeremy and I finished up some last projects around the house.  Jer pressure washed our porches and driveways....and they look just beautiful!  I figured if we are having a "spring baby" - we will enjoy sitting on the porch together in the beautiful weather - but not if they are dirty!!!  
I've been doing my best to rest  lots!  The past several days I've slept for 12 hours each night......guess my body is trying to get all the sleep it can now before life changes very quickly!  I'm definitely a girl who needs her sleep! =)
Our bags are is clean and we are just anxiously awaiting Isabella's arrival!  I feel like my tummy grows bigger every day.....and poor Isabella is running out of room in there!  She'll stretch out and we can see her little knees poking out.....but her favorite thing to do is to kick her mamma's ribs!  The other night - Jeremy and I just watched as her little feet would poke in and out - Jeremy was trying to grab her foot and wiggle it......and she'd pull it right back in!  Last night, as I was resting on the couch - Jer got out his guitar and started singing to her.  She started moving all sweet is that!?  I told him we might want to bring the guitar along with us to the always helps me relax and Isabella seems to like it too!
Jeremy's been a little sick the past few days - so that is our number one prayer request....that the Lord will renew his strength and energy before Isabella's arrival!
This morning we were counting down the days in our heads......ok - today is Wed (church tonight)....tomorrow is our doctor's appointment.....then the weekend - that will fly by......then we just have 3 days 'til all our family arrives and we head to the hospital!  Of course - Isabella could decide to come earlier if she chooses! =)


The Baggetts said...

Time is ticking! Cannot wait to see that precious little girl.

Amanda Baca said...

oh you totally should bring the guitar to the hospital!! what a good idea-(and what a witness to the hospital staff too!) praying praying praying for you and that sweet little isabella!! (specifically that she will come on her own SOON and all will be healthy!! ;)