Thursday, February 18, 2010

Doctor visits...

On Tuesday, I was able to go for a prenatal appointment to meet Isabella's pediatrician!  He is a wonderful Christian man who goes to our church.  Several of the families in our church have highly recommended him to us and have so many good things to say about him.  It is truly a blessing to know that Isabella will have such a good, Christian doctor caring for her!  Of course, I had a long list of questions to ask him.....and he patiently answered every one of them.  He recommend a book by Focus on the Family....."Birth & Childcare" - which is pretty much a huge encyclopedia of everything I will need to know about how to care for Isabella from birth through adolescence!  I've already thumbed through it....and it is very informative...lots of good reading in the future! =)

We also went for my 33 week appointment today!  They listened to her heartbeat, weighed me...blood pressure etc.  I've gained 23 lbs so far - my blood pressure is good and overall, the pregnancy seems to be progressing just fine!  They hooked me up to the big heart monitor and did the "stress test" on Isabella.  We sat there for about 20 min. while this big machine detected her heartbeat.  It ranged from the 120's all the way to the 160's....which is exactly what they want to see!  Whenever she would kick really hard or move - her heart rate would go up quickly!  I definitely had a few kicks to my ribs. =)  So, the appointment went very well!  I talked with them about how I've been so congested and haven't been able to breathe out of my nose for over 2 weeks! Ahh!  They said it's very common to have congestion and all during pregnancy....they suggested Benadryl or Zyrtec.  I just hate taking meds.....but at night I usually have to take something so I can sleep and breathe! =)  I will pretty much be seeing a doctor every week now until I deliver!  Next week I'll see my high risk doctor....then the following week I'll be back at my OB.  They plan on stopping my baby aspirin at 36 weeks.  Such a blessing every time we hear her little heartbeat and get a good report.  We don't take one doctor visit......little kick.....or little punch for granted these days!  We are truly blessed!

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