Wednesday, February 3, 2010

30 week appointment...

Isabella's little profile....30 weeks...

We went to see our high risk doctor and had another wonderful appointment!  Isabella is 3lb. and 9 oz.!  They measured her little foot and it measured 2 1/2 cute!  We seem to have a different ultrasound technician at each visit and they always seem to comment about how long and skinny her little feet are......makes me think she has her daddy's feet. =)  Her heart rate was 139....which is just perfect!  During her ultrasound we noticed that she kept opening and closing her little lips.  The technician told us that she was practicing sucking and cute is that!  So many answers to prayer once again......all her organs seems to be working just perfect!  She still measures a little bit above average which just continues to reassure us and the doctors that she is receiving all the nutrients she needs to grow nice and healthy.  They want me to continue taking my baby Aspirin every day until 36 weeks - and then I will stop.  The placenta is pretty much finished growing at that there really is no need to continue past 36 weeks.  Many anesthesiologists won't give you an epidural if you continue taking Apsirin/blood thinners up until delivery.  I'm definitely open to trying to go natural and not having an epidural.....but I want to leave all my options open!  Who knows how my body will respond to labor/delivery!??  Let's see...what else - my blood pressure and all seems good and I had gained 22lb.s at 30 weeks which is right about average.  I've continued to enjoy walking about an hour every day and a couple times a week I've added an awesome pregnancy cardio/toning DVD to my workout routine.  I love it!!!  It has a specific workout for each trimester.....and it really gives me a nice little workout! =)  I have managed to somehow catch a cold this I'm praying that I will get over it quickly - it's NO fun being sick!  
Isabella continues to LOVE hearing her daddy lead worship...she just kicks and bounces all around whenever the band gets loud.......I almost feel bad like it's too loud....but I'm sure she's fine! =)  It's so neat feeling little bulges in my tummy and trying to guess what body part it is....little knees, elbows and I can definitely distinguish her little bottom - she loves to stick it out!  She also seems to like to curl her little feet up under my right rib and kick! =)
We went to our Hospital orientation last night.....and have decided to deliver at Baptist hospital.  That is the hospital my doctors prefer and we are very pleased with their services.  We will start our birthing classes and all in a few weeks....which should be interesting! =)
I'm just so thankful for every little movement.....God is so good and we continue to be overwhelmed by His faithfulness.

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