Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas & New Year's...

Our Christmas card we sent to our family and friends...

This was quite an eventful Christmas...we had lots to celebrate in our familly! We've all been praying for 11 months now for the Lord to provide Matt the perfect job that would be best for him and Brit. We found out Dec. 23 that the Lord opened up a wonderful job opportunity for him in Greenville.....praise Jesus! Last Christmas was a very difficult time for Jer and I....and so we had lots to be thankful for this year as we could feel our baby girl kickin' hard throughout the week. =)
We spent Christmas in Nashville with the Boyd clan....Daddy (Pappa B), Mamma (Mamma Boyd), Linz, John, Brit and Matt....along with Frankie (Brit's dog) and Chi & Smokey (Linz's dogs). It was a full house!
On Wed. Dec. 24, we hosted a big family brunch with all the cousins and Grandma from my mom's side of the family. It's been several years since we've all been together. G'ma enjoyed seeing all her granchildren, a few great-granchildren and there are 2 more on the way! Katie is due about 6 weeks after me!

Cousin pic...

Sister pic...

My mamma and sisters have been praying hard for our sweet baby girl...I can't wait for my baby girl to meet her Mimi and 2 aunties! I'm sure she will be spoiled rotten!!

Well, I had a little Christams surprise...we all sat down to open gifts and all of a sudden it felt like my baby girl was having spasms in my tummy! I finally realized that she probably had the hiccups! Poor little thing....too much excitment on Christmas morning I suppose. A few minutes later, we looked out the window and saw little snow flurries....such a fun Christmas morning!

Jer did not hold back on his appetite this week...I think this was his first helping of three. Check out his huge Turey is fun having 4 cooks in the kitchen...makes for a delicious Christmas dinner! (Well.....make that 6 cooks - John is "gravy boy" and Matt is the "turkey carver.")

All of us together Sunday morning at church. We cherish the times we're able to spend special holidays together and anxiousy look forward to the next time we're all together!

Jer and I headed down to Panama City for New Year's to hang out with the Lloyds. Jordo and Jer decided to make us homemade pizza! It was yummy!!!....they did a pretty good job...for
boys. =)

We had a girls day out...Grandma Smith, Aunty Kathy, Katy, Mamma Lloyd, Ellen and me enjoyed lunch together. Katy is due just three days after me! They surprised us with matching little girl cute!

Here we are...about 26 weeks preggo!

Grandma Smith, Ellen, Me and Mamma Lloyd...such a fun little afternoon. =)

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check out that manly apron on Jer...sweetness.