Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby Bump Growin...

Here's my most recent baby bump picture!  I'm right at 23 weeks here. =)  I'm just now starting to wear my maternity shirts......even those most of them are still a little too big!  I have plenty of my normal shirts that still fit that's usually what I wear.  The question I receive most these days is...."so how far along are you now?"  and I say...."oh, 23 weeks....almost 6 months pregnant!" and they say..."really.....I mean you are hardly even showing".....and then I say, "yep! I'm definitely 23 weeks pregnant!"
I asked my doctor at my last appointment how she thought I was progressing and all.  She said that I am just "perfect."  She said that I will probably wake up one morning and my tummy will look like it grew over night!  Well, that will sure be a fun morning to wake up and feel like I have a HUGE tummy! =)  At this point, I've gained 13 we shall see how much more I will gain in the next 17 weeks!
We will have our next appointment with our high risk doctor next Wednesday so hopefully I will have some more cute baby pictures to post. =)

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