Monday, December 21, 2009

25 weeks...

We went last Thursday to see our high risk doctor for our 24.5 week appointment.  Our little one is just growing so fast!  Of course the first thing we look for on the ultrasound screen is her little beating heart.  Once we see those 4 chambers beating hard....then we know we can relax a bit. =)
The measured all the major fluids and body parts once again!  Her heart rate was 139 beats per minute.  They also checked the blood flow in her heart and the umbilical cord.....and placenta.  It took her forever to check this because our baby girl kept moving all around!  She would try to get an accurate reading and as soon as she would start tracking the blood flow......our baby girl would kick really hard - which would make static on the ultrasound screen and mess up the test.  It took like 20 tries before she finally got the accurate reading she needed!  It was so hard for Jer and I to not laugh because it was soo cute every time our baby girl would punch and kick.  She just did not want all the tests done I suppose!  It gets harder and harder to get really good pics of our baby girl but we did get a cute one of her little foot and a profile pic.  When we saw her little foot, Jer and I started discussing who's feet we think she will have.  Later during the ultrasound, the tech said, "Well, I wasn't going to say anything - but her feet are definitely long and narrow......bigger than the typical baby at this age.  Most babies feet look short and stubby....but her's are long!"  We started laughing sooo hard....b/c that means she probably has Jer's feet! =)  When we texted our family this funny dad responded, "Well, she'll cross the finish line faster!"  Seems like our baby girl is already destined to be a runner!
Overall, I'm feeling much better.....I still have to eat very often and rest lots - but that's to be expected I suppose!  I love my cool morning walks.......and I can't wait til I have a sweet baby girl to take with me each morning!  I think I've gained about 16lbs overall and my high risk doctor was so pleased with the baby's growth and my health that he doesn't want to see us for 6 weeks!  So, we will just enjoy the holidays.....and all the good food......and keep on growing!
Here are the latest pics....

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