Wednesday, November 18, 2009

20 weeks...

Well, we went for our big 20 week appointment today where they do a very detailed ultrasound!  They checked all her major organs....brain, heart, kidneys, stomach, bladder and her skeletal system etc.  Everything looks just perfect!  She is actually measuring 21 weeks and 2 days!  So she's measuring a little bigger!.....which is a good sign that her growth is progressing just fine with the baby Aspirin!  The placenta has moved up and back....which is great too!  It was covering my cervix for a while......which can often mean a c-section is required.  Now, it has significantly moved!  Her little heart rate was 141 beats per minute.  Our technician kept commenting on how strong and healthy her little heart looked.  She was wigglin' all around......but she mostly keeps her little legs curled up on my right side and her head is far down on the left.  
She weighs 13 oz and is about 7 inches long.  She is about the size of a large banana!  
I've been definitely feeling lots better over the past week...gaining more energy and stamina!  I've been brainstorming ideas about her little nursery.  Jeremy's parents are giving us her crib and my parents are giving us all her nursery bedding/fabric.  Her little crib is coming in this week!  So, I've been busy cleaning out our extra bedroom and reorganizing all our closets.   My neighbor is going to make her I get to pick out all her bedding fabric. =)  I've narrowed it down to my I just have to finalize my decision!  Jeremy and his mamma are going to paint the nursery......they have some very cute ideas to make it just perfect!
We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and spending time with the Lloyd family...and I'm super excited about being able to enjoy a good Thanksgiving nausea has started to go away just in time for the holiday food! 

Above:  Our little girl's profile...look at her cute little nose and little bitty lips =)

Below:  Look at her first footprint.....I still think she's gonna have her daddy's feet w/long little toes!


Christi and Justin Tyner said...

She's awesome. basically.

Cassie said...

I love getting to see her grow!! I'm so excited for you guys :)