Monday, November 2, 2009

17 weeks & 4 days...

It's a............sweet, precious, beautiful little GIRL!!!  As we drove to our appointment, we both just prayed the whole way that we would be able to see a growing healthy little baby!  We truly did not care if it was a cute little boy or a sweet little girl......having either gets us both very excited!
We both had so much anticipation as we sat in the waiting room at our high risk doctor.  I think I was so excited to see our baby and to find out if it was a boy or girl that it made my blood pressure go super high!  The nurse had to take it twice because the first time it was 150/90!  Of course the second time it was less........amazing what nerves and excitement can do to your body!  [A few days later my nurse at my other OB office took my blood pressure and it was 110/60!  =)]
So, they took us back to the ultrasound room....we always tell our tech that the first thing we want to know is that there's a strong heartbeat!  As long as we know there's a heartbeat, we can rest easy.  As soon as the screen came on, we saw the little heart just a beating and the baby moving all around!  I think this was the most active that our little one has been during an ultrasound!  Soon after the nurse checked the heart rate (which was 153)......she told us that we were having a little girl! Jeremy and I were so happy.......excited about our new little girl.....but mostly excited that we've finally made it far enough in a pregnancy to find out the sex of our baby!!  Such a milestone for us!  She continued on with the ultrasound.....which lasted for almost an hour!  Our baby was the size of our hand open wide.  It was a little over 5 inches long and weighed about 4 oz!  She showed us the litte stomach and explained to us that it was dark because it was full of fluid.  She showed us the kidneys and the bladder and explained to us that our little girl was already processing the fluid using her kidneys and bladder!  She showed us the 2 parts of the brain and the 4 chambers of the heart.  She studied the heart and the various chambers for a while looking for any abnormality at this point.  She measured the spinal fluid and all the other important fluids......which all measured normal!  Our high risk doctor was very positive about the growth of our little one!  He said that he is very pleased with my health and the baby's health at this point in the pregnancy.  At this point, he sees no reason for me to start Heparin injections (blood thinners) - but he just wants me to continue taking my baby Aspirin every day!  It was difficult to get a full picture of our little girl because she was squirming around all over!  Here are a couple of the best ones from this appointment....

Above:  A full body shot of our little girl!  You can see her head was down during this picture.

Below:  Here is her right little leg and foot!  Check out the little muscles on her leg!  Makes me think we may have a little runner coming very soon!!! =)

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