Thursday, October 15, 2009

8 weeks & 5 days...

Look at the little "frog leg!"  We saw the little legs just a kicking!  So precious. =)  The arms were moving just a little bit.....but our baby sure was kickin' those little legs!  Our baby was now the size of a medium green olive!  Still tiny......but has arms, legs, fingers, toes......just growing longer each week!  I also began having really bad headaches....which when I described them to my doctor he said they were migraines!!  So, I've tried to rest, drink lots and pray lots that they don't get worse!  I began going for a walk most evenings of the week when it would cool off.  Even if I had been sick all day long......I started getting a little better in the I would grab my water bottle and head out for a few laps around the neighborhood.  

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