Thursday, October 15, 2009

6 weeks & 6 days...

Here is the baby measuring 6 weeks and 6 days!  We thought it looked like a little Teddy Graham cracker! =)  Just little arm buds and little leg buds beginning to develop.  Everything still looks like a healthy progressing pregnancy.  I definitely had to stop running in the mornings....I just couldn't catch my breath!  Amazing how something so tiny could already be slowing me down so much!  This is definitely the point where the fatigue.....nausea and just plain feeling "sick" ALL day kicked in!  Whew!  I pretty much had to lay down all day long!  One of my friends loaned me season 1 of Gilmore Girls.......and I began watching them....Season 2....Season 3....=)  My days pretty much consisted of sleeping, eating (to try and take the nausea away) and.....sleeping and eating.  Pretty much this precious little baby that was growing inside of me put my body into shock and I hit a wall!  Jeremy began doing all the little "house" shopping.....laundry!  I am soooo blessed to have him as my husband.  I remember he would come home from work and I would be in the same PJ's in the same position on the couch!!  He would do anything he could just to me me feel more comfortable.....we were in this together!!  

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