Thursday, October 15, 2009

13 weeks & 4 days...

We went to see our high risk doctor today for the third time and everthing looked very heathy!!  The baby is measuring a little ahead of schedule....but that's all normal and just a good sign at this point!  The heart rate was 157.....beating strong! =)  The baby is the size of a peach now.  We saw the baby moving all around.  They examined the baby's brain, skeletal system, fluids and as much of the anatomy as possible!  I love the picture of the little feet......and the hand!  Once again...those little fingers look so long to me.....maybe they will be like his/her daddy!?  The baby was so precious......he/she was laying down and then would skoot his/her little legs up real high and then fall down and do it all again!  When I would lean to one side....the baby would move more....then go back to just crossing his/her little legs.  The little arms stayed up by his/her head most of the time just moving all around!  
I'm starting to feel a little better.....definitely not on the couch ALL day sick! =)  I try to venture out each day for just a little bit......
We shared the news with all of our friends and church family this week!  I'm definitely starting to get just a little "baby bump" now too!  I feel like I'm HUGE.....but most people can't even tell I'm pregnant yet.  
So many exciting things to come!  We will hopefully find out the sex of our baby at our next high risk appointment which will be around 17 weeks! 

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