Thursday, October 15, 2009

12 weeks & 4 days...

Here's our growing baby!!  The little arms and legs are long and thin now!  You can see the little fingers and toes!  Look at those long fingers......I think this baby is going to have longer slinder fingers like Jer! =)  So maybe this baby will be a piano player like me.....or a guitar player like his/her daddy? =)  
I was still spending most of my days resting.......I would venture out every now and then to see  hang out with friends.  I remember one day my friend Christi and I decided we were going to take her 2 week old little baby girl Charleigh for an outing!  So, we loaded up and headed to TJmax and Target.......after about an hour and half...we were all dragging!!  We went home.....ate a snack and all had to rest!  So....little baby is still growing strong......and I'm still feeling very, very preggo!

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