Thursday, October 15, 2009

11 weeks & 4 days...

Look at our precious baby!!  The little head.....arms and legs!  I love looking at the little knee joints and the little feet!  The baby is the size of a large lime!  Today, the baby didn't move a whole lot for us.  He/She was kickin' his/her legs when we started the ultrasound.....but then stopped!  I think he/she wanted to rest and wanted us to leave her/him alone! =)  Everything looked healthy......strong little heartbeat! 
Jeremy still had to do most things around the friends kept telling me that around 10, 11, 12 weeks.....the "morning sickness" or "all day sickness" as I call it would start to ease up!  HAHA!  Poor Jeremy....he's seen me at my worst during these weeks!  He had to bring me buckets to bed when I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to the bathroom......he would sit and try to help hold my hair....rub my back....anything to make me feel better.  Finally....I just told him that I knew he loved me.....but he could just wait outside the bathroom and when I was done.....then he could help. =)  So......he'd just be chowing down on a delicious dinner that he'd prepared for us and I would have to take off to the bathroom......we both seemed to be getting pretty used to this "growing a baby" buisness!!  So.....I was still walking most days of the week....but resting for most of the day.  The fatigue....and nausea put me on the couch for most all day! =)  I did look forward to going to church each Sunday.....and Wednesday night.  And we did venture out to the Pace football games.  I would always try and make it to half time.....then we would head home for bed.  As long as this baby is healthy.........I knew I could make it through anything! =)

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