Thursday, October 15, 2009

10 weeks & 3 days...

Our little baby was waving to us this week!!  We saw him/her kicking his/her little legs and moving his/her arms all around!!  Then, he/she waved to us! =)  Our baby is the size of a small plum this week!  Well......this was the week that I began to get sick to my stomach!  Umm....and whoever said that during the first trimester you may experience "morning sickness", no, no.....mine lasted ALL day long!  Even though it's miserable being tired and super nauseated....every day I woke up still feeling "pregnant" I did get excited because I knew that little baby was still growing!  My body just might need a little extra time to adjust and get used to growin' a baby! =)  At this point, I knew in my heart I would endure anything in order to have a healthy pregnancy and baby....even if that meant being sick all day every day!  Every time we get to see the baby on the ultrasound.....kicking...waving or just gives me an extra boost of energy to make it through another week! matter how sick this baby would make me! =)

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